Square Apartments Gdynia



Adherence to the following Terms and Conditions, is helpful in ensuring our Guests' safety and utmost comfort during their stay at Square Apartments Gdynia.

I. Terms and Conditions

  1. These Terms and Conditions have been drawn up by Stefczyk Finanse S.A. (hereinafter: "Service Provider") and it defines the rules for the operation of the Facility and the provision of accommodation services, the rules for making reservations, and the rules for providing services over the Internet via SquareApartmentsGdynia.pl and through online booking portals.
  2. The Terms and Conditions apply to all Guests of Square Apartments Gdynia and are an integral part of the contract, which is concluded by making a reservation or checking in. By performing the aforementioned actions, the Guest confirms that they have read and fully accept the terms of the regulations and oblige to abide by them.
  3. The Services and the Guest's stay at the Facility are subject to regulations set forth in the Terms and Conditions.
  4. The Terms and Conditions of the Facility are available at the reception desk and on the website www.SquareApartmentsGdynia.pl.
  5. Should you have any further questions, please contact the reception desk or the security office 695 000 596.



Terms and Conditions - set out the rules for the operation of the Facility and the provision of accommodation services, the rules for making reservations and the rules for providing services over the Internet via www.SquareApartmentsGdynia.pl and through online booking portals.

Guest - a person who, by making a reservation or checking in at the Facility, accepts the Terms and Conditions and enters into a contract for the provision of Services.

Facility - an accommodation facility operated under the brand name of Square Apartments Gdynia by Stefczyk Finanse S.A., based in Gdynia at Legionów 126-128 street.

Services - each of the services provided in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, in particular accommodation services and services provided on the Website.

Website - the website www.SquareApartmentsGdynia.pl that allows reservations through a reservation system.

Agreement - means an agreement for the provision of Services including those concluded electronically, the subject of which is the provision of the Service indicated in the Terms and Conditions.

Intentional triggering of a false fire alarm - activation of the manual call point button not justified by a real threat; use of open flames, smoking cigarettes, candles, etc. in places not intended for this purpose is strictly forbidden. 


  1. Guests can rent apartments for a number of days.
  2. Check-in time begins at 3 p.m. on the day of arrival and ends at 10:00 a.m. the next day.
  3. Guests are required to vacate the apartment during their check-out time no later than by 10:00 am.
  4. If there is any delay in vacating the apartment beyond the agreed time, the Facility reserves the right to extend the Guest's stay by another day, unless a reservation for the apartment in question has been made at that time of stay or earlier (thus charging the Guest's account with the relevant fees). Otherwise, it will be tantamount to the Guest's consent to enter the apartment and empty it out from the items left in it. The facility will send back the mentioned items at the Guest's expense.
  5. At the request of the Guest and to the extent of its capabilities, the Facility may extend the check-in time for an additional fee. Guests should report their wish to extend their stay or the check-in time to the reception desk by 6:00 p.m. on the day before their departure.
  6. Items left in the apartment may be sent back to the address indicated by the Guest - at the Guest's expense. In the absence of such information, the reception will store items (except for groceries) for a period of one year.
  7. Night curfew begins at 10 p.m. and ends at 6 a.m. the following day.
  8. The behavior of Guests and people using the Facility's services should not disturb the peaceful stay of other Guests. The Facility may refuse to continue providing services to Guests who violate this rule and may remove the Guest from the Facility without compensation for the shortened stay.

 IV. Types of Services

  1. Our Facility provides accommodation services in accordance with the Act of August 29, 1997 on hotel services and services of tour operators and tourist guides. Services include, in particular:
  • Accommodation service.
  1. Our Facility provides, in particular:  
    • opportunity to a complete and long rest
    • security during stay and protection of personal data,
    • professional service
    • thorough cleaning of the apartment
  1. The stay of children under 6 years of age is free of charge, in which case the Facility does not provide a separate bed to sleep in.
  2. Pets which weight up to 5kg are allowed to stay at the Facility. They are allowed to stay on the premises for an additional fee of PLN 50 gross/day. Guests are required to declare it at the time of checking-in. Animals should be under the constant supervision of their handlers. The owner is required to keep animals on a leash and under constant control. The owner of the animal is obliged to keep the animal in such a way that it does not pose a danger to other Guests, staff and other people. Guests must remove any waste left by the animal at the Facility. If undeclared animals are brought into the Facility by a Guest or by a Guest's visitors, the Guest - in addition to the aforementioned fee - will be charged a fee of PLN 500.00 gross for the costs associated with cleaning and sanitization of the apartment. Payment of the above amount does not exclude the possibility to claim assertion on general terms, when the cost of removing the consequences of the stay of such an animal in the apartment will be higher.
  3. The Facility and the immediate area surrounding it are kept under video surveillance. Information about the processing of personal data through video surveillance is available at the entrance to the facility, at the reception desk and on the website in the document "Data Privacy Statement - video surveillance". The area kept under video surveillance is additionally marked with a graphic sign along with written information.


  1. Reservations can be made through SquareApartmentsGdynia.pl through online booking portals, by email, by calling the reception desk or in person at the Facility.
  2. When making a reservation, it is necessary to accept the Terms and Conditions, provide personal data necessary for the implementation of services (in particular: name and surname, address of residence, date of stay, indication of the payment method) and pay for the stay - depending on the particular offers or individual arrangements. All information regarding the protection of personal data, can be found in the Privacy Policy available on the website as well as at the reception desk.
  3. If the Guest, during the direct booking, does not specify the length of stay - it is assumed that it lasts for one day.
  4. At the time of booking, the Guest is required to provide true and current personal information.
  5. Reservations at the Facility may only be made by people who are at least 18 years of age on the day of arrival.
  6. After making a reservation, the Guest receives a confirmation with the details of the stay, to the e-mail address provided by the Guest.
  7. In the case of a non-refundable reservation, the entire amount will be charged at the time of booking or will have to be paid by the Guest before the date specified on the booking confirmation. The reservation will be canceled if no payment is made.
  8. An employee of the Facility has the right to verify the identity of the Guest, at the time of check-in, by asking them to show an identity card or passport.
  9. An employee of the Facility has the right to verify if the card whose details were given at the time of booking is the property of the person making the reservation.
  10. In any case, payment for the stay must be made before the apartment is handed over to the Guest.
  11. The facility may refuse to accommodate a Guest who has grossly violated the Terms and Conditions during the previous stay.
  12. The facility reserves the right to refuse to provide any services to a Guest without giving a reason.
  13. If the Guest leaves the Facility at a date earlier than that declared at the time of booking, the fee for the unused time of stay will not be refunded.
  14. In the case of flexible reservations, the no-show fee for a Guest (without prior information via email to rezerwacje@squareapartmentsgdynia.pl, or text message to 695 000 596 notified by the deadline in accordance with the given offer) equals the cost of the entire stay.
  15. In the case of a non-refundable reservation, the no-show fee is equal to the cost of the entire stay.
  16. Guests are required to pay any additional costs of their stay, including any additional services and goods ordered or used, no later than when checking out of the facility. In the event of non-payment of all charges related to the stay, the Service Provider is entitled to charge the Guest's payment card for any services provided to the Guest.
  17. The Facility has the right, at the time of reservation and/or check-in of the Guest, to pre-authorize the credit card or collect a cash deposit in the amount for the entire stay of the Guest and additionally the amount of 500 PLN (five hundred zlotys) for each 24-hour stay. If the Guest refuses to leave a credit card pre-authorization or cash deposit, the Facility has the right to refuse check-in.
  18. The facility reserves the right to charge a local fee in an amount in accordance with applicable regulations.


  1. The Website provides the Guest with the option to make payments for apartment reservations or online Services provided by an online payment provider. If you make a reservation by any means other than through the Reservation System, payment is also possible by bank transfer, credit and debit cards or cash.
  2. The Facility reserves the right to pre-authorize the payment card or charge it with 100% of the value of the stay, in case of a non-refundable reservation or flexible reservation (after the time for cost-free cancellation).


    1. Flexible reservations may be canceled without cost no later than 3 days before the start date of the stay. In order to guarantee the reservation, a payment of 100% of the reservation is required via the online payment system or by providing credit card details for pre-authorization of the transaction. Cancellation after this date will incur a charge to the Guest for the cost of the entire stay (the prepayment will be retained), and the Facility has the right to resell the apartment.
    2. Cancellations must be addressed by email or text message to the contact information provided - in the case of cancellation by the Guest to: rezerwacje@squareapartmentsgdynia.pl, or by text message - 695 000 596.
    3. It is not possible to cancel a non-refundable reservation without incurring a charge. The amount charged by the Facility will not be refunded.
    4. If the Guest fails to appear at the Facility on the day of arrival (no-show) and does not notify the Facility in advance, the Guest will be charged the cost of the entire stay (the prepayment will be retained), and the Facility has the right to resell the apartment
    5. Different terms and conditions may apply for seasonal offers and those made available through booking portals.
    6. In the case of a flexible reservation, it is possible to change its conditions up to 3 days before the check-in date.
    7. Changing the date of the stay in the case of a flexible reservation involves the possibility of modifying the price of the stay and is subject to availability.
    8. It is not possible to modify a non-refundable reservation.


    1. Receiving an invoice is possible and must be made at the time of booking. The Guest needs to provide the Facility with the company's details (full name, address and tax ID).
    2. Invoice details should be entered in the booking note or in the additional information.
    3. In accordance with the current invoicing rules, failure to provide the above data at the indicated stage, will result in the inability to issue an invoice at a later date.


    1. The Service Provider shall not be liable for failure to perform or improper performance of obligations under the Terms and Conditions caused by circumstances beyond the Service Provider's control despite exercising due diligence.
    2. In addition, the Service Provider shall not be liable for damages, including lost profits, incurred as a result of Guests' use of the Services in a manner contrary to the Terms and Conditions or the law.
    3. Limitations of liability do not apply to a Guest who is a consumer within the meaning of Article 22[1] of the Civil Code.
    4. The Facility is not responsible for valuables, money and documents left in the apartment.


    1. In the event of spotting a fire, if possible, press the manual fire alarm button located closest to the scene of the fire and/or personally notify the Facility staff of the danger and head for the exit according to the instructions indicating the direction of evacuation.
    2. For fire safety reasons, the use of an open flame in the apartments is prohibited.
    3. Due to the fire alarm, including smoke detectors in individual rooms, smoking is prohibited in the premises.
    4. Causing a false fire alarm may result in charging the person responsible for the arrival of emergency services and security patrol.
    5. Unjustified use of indoor hydrants and fire extinguishers will incur the cost of restoring the damaged equipment/used fire extinguisher, to its original condition.
    6. Children under the age of 13 should be under the constant supervision of legal guardians. Legal guardians are financially responsible for any damage caused by children.
    7. With regard to the safety of Guests, we recommend not leaning out of the windows and taking all precautions, as well as supervising children who are near a tilted or open window.
    8. The Guest bears full responsibility for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices of the Facility, caused by their fault or the fault of their visitors.
    9. The facility reserves the right to charge the Guest's payment card for any damage discovered after the Guest's departure, and if the card data is missing, the Facility has the right to request the Guest to pay for the cost of repair or replacement (in accordance with the list of compensation amounts provided in the Terms and Conditions) and loss of revenue if the damage caused the exclusion of the apartment from operating. The value of lost revenue will be calculated according to the price grid for that apartment on the date on which it was excluded from operating due to the damage caused by the Guest. Payment of the amount in accordance with the list of the amount of damages does not exclude the possibility of claiming assertion on general terms when the cost of damage removal to the apartment will be higher.
    10. In the case of violation of the Terms and Conditions, the Facility may refuse to provide further services to the Guest. The Guest is obliged to immediately comply with the requests of the Facility, to pay for the stay and any damages, and to leave the Facility.
    11. Whenever leaving the apartment, Guests should, for security reasons, turn off the TV, turn off the lights, close the taps, lock the windows and front door, and take careful care of the apartment access card.
    12. The Facility has a statutory right to hold lien on the property brought by the Guest to the Facility, in case of delay or non-payment for services provided.
    13. Upon checking in at the Facility, Guests should familiarize themselves with the apartment's furnishings and keep them intact. If any damage is noticed, the Guest should immediately notify the reception desk. If the reception desk is not immediately notified of such damage, the Guest will be held financially responsible for the resulting damage.
    14. Guests are not allowed to hand over the apartment to third parties, even if the period they have paid for has not yet expired.
    15. It is strictly forbidden to take towels and other items from the apartment.


    1. Information as well as all other content of the site, such as texts, graphics, logos, buttons, images are the intellectual property of the Service Provider or entities with which the Service Provider has entered into appropriate agreements and are protected by Polish and international laws on the protection of intellectual property, in particular by the provisions of the Act of February 4, 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights.
    2. It is forbidden, without the prior written consent of the Service Provider, to copy, reproduce or use in any other way, whole or in fragments; information, data or other content available on the Website, except for cases of permitted use under generally applicable laws.


    1. The Guest has the right to file a complaint related to the performance of the Website as well as the quality of the Services if they not in accordance with the Regulations set forth in the Terms and Conditions.
    2. All complaints, containing the Guest's data, i.e. name and surname, along with e-mail address and a brief description of the reported concerns, should be submitted via the contact address available on the main page of the Website under the "Contact Us" tab, or in writing to the Service Provider's or the Facility's registered office address.
    3. The Service Provider shall consider the complaint within 14 working days from the date of its delivery. If the complaint relates to electronically provided services and cannot be resolved within 14 working days, the Service Provider will notify the Guest of the reasons for the delay and the expected date for processing the complaint.
    4. If the complaint filed needs to be supplemented with additional information, the Service Provider will ask the Guest to provide more details regarding the complaint within the specified period of time before its examination. In such a case, a complaints procedure referred to in item. 3 above shall begin as soon as the filed complaint is received by the Service Provider.


    1. During the stay, for an additional payment, the Guest may use the paid parking spot offered by Service Provider.
    2. Parking offered by Service Provider is unguarded, only passenger vehicles are allowed to park.
    3. Service Provider is not responsible for any damage caused to vehicles located in the parking spot and for items left in these vehicles. Service Provider is also not responsible for damage caused by drivers of vehicles or other persons who stay in the parking or third-parties (including thefts, burglaries, robberies).
    4. The Guest is responsible for any damage caused to the parking owner and third-parties in the parking lot.
    5. Before using the parking lot, the Guest is obliged to read parking regulations (available at the parking lot entrance) and to abide by them.
    6. Guests may request luggage storage for the period before check-in (storage on the day of arrival until check-in) and after check-out (storage until 6 pm on the day of check-out). The facility may refuse to accept luggage for storage due to lack of space availability and refuse to accept for storage items that do not have the characteristics of personal luggage.


    1. The Terms and Conditions come into effect upon publication on the Facility's website and apply to bookings made after the date of publication.
    2. The content of the Terms and Conditions can be changed at any given moment. The Guest will be informed of any changes by making the information available on the Service Provider's website.
    3. Smoking at the Facility is strictly forbidden.  In the case of violation of the prohibition, the Guest will be charged a contractual penalty of PLN 1,000 for each detected violation of the prohibition, and is also obliged to cover the costs of unjustified calls to services automatically notified by the fire protection system.
    4. Possession and use of intoxicants prohibited by law is strictly forbidden at the Facility. If this prohibition is found to be violated, the fact will be reported to the Police and the Guest will have to leave the Facility immediately without the right to a refund resulting from the shortened stay at the Facility.
    5. Hazardous items, i.e. weapons, ammunition, flammable materials, illuminating materials, etc., cannot be brought to the apartments.
    6. Canvassing and door-to-door sales are prohibited.
    7. Guests are not allowed to make any changes to the apartments and their furnishings other than slight rearrangement of furniture and equipment, without compromising their functionality and the safety of Guests.
    8. If the electronic access card is lost, the Service Provider will charge the Guest for its loss.
    9. Any disputes arising between the Service Provider and the Guest, who is not a consumer within the meaning of Article 22[1] of the Civil Code, will be resolved by the court with jurisdiction over the Service Provider's headquarters.
    10. Within the limits set by mandatory provisions of law, the invalidity of any provision of the Terms and Conditions shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions.
    11. Polish law shall apply.


    XV. The amount of compensation for any damages at Square Apartments Gdynia  

    - Painting of the apartment/corridors caused by violation of the smoking ban at the Facility or permanent damage to the surface of the walls (painting, scratches and other mechanical defects) - payment is determined after drawing up a protocol and in accordance with the current price lists of materials and labor,

    - Breakage of washbasin, toilet bowl, and damage to shower, mirror, and tiles in the bathroom - payment is determined after drawing up a protocol and in accordance with the current price lists for materials and labor

    - Permanent damage to furniture, equipment of apartments and the Facility - payment is determined according to the purchase price of the product

    - Permanent damage to woodwork - payment is determined with value and installation

    - Damaging/flooding of the bed - PLN 500,00

    - Destruction/loss of the bed sheet - PLN 100.00

    - Destruction/loss of the bedding - PLN 120.00

    - Destruction/loss of pillowcase - PLN 30.00

    - Destruction/loss of large towel - PLN 70.00, small towel - PLN 50.00

    - Destruction/loss of electronic card/room key/parking card - PLN 100.00

    - Use of a fire extinguisher not in accordance with its purpose - payment is determined according to the purchase price of the extinguisher