Square Apartments Gdynia: Your Perfect Apartment in the City Center

Are you looking for a comfortable apartment for rent in the heart of Gdynia?

If so, Square Apartments Gdynia is the place you are looking for! Perfectly located in the very center of the city, these apartments offer everything you need to feel at home. Without long-term commitments, you can rent an apartment for a month and enjoy complete freedom.

Long-term rental, but on your terms

Square Apartments Gdynia is an excellent option for those who value flexibility. Long-term rental does not have to mean long-term contracts. Here you can rent an apartment for a month, two, three - exactly as long as you need. This is an ideal solution for people working remotely, traveling on business or simply looking for a temporary place to rest.

Comfortable apartments with a kitchenette

Our apartments are not only modern, but also fully equipped. Each apartment has a kitchenette, which allows you to prepare meals in the comfort of your home. Imagine coming back from work or sightseeing and being able to cook your favorite dish without having to worry about outside restaurants. This is a comfort that is difficult to overestimate. Additionally, we provide guests with a washing machine, dryer and ironing station in the common room, which ensures comfort and makes it easier to keep order during your stay.

Comfort and convenience in the center of Gdynia

Square Apartments Gdynia is synonymous with comfort. Spacious interiors, modern design and amenities make each stay unique. You will find everything you need here - from high-speed Internet to satellite TV and spacious bathrooms. Every detail is refined to provide you with the highest comfort.

Proximity to everything important

The location in the very center of Gdynia is a huge advantage. The proximity to shops, restaurants, cafes and tourist attractions puts everything at your fingertips. You can handle everyday matters without any problems, and in the evenings you can enjoy the bustling city life. Square Apartments Gdynia is the perfect place for those who want to be in the heart of the action.

Security and privacy

Your security and privacy are our priority. All our apartments are monitored and the building is secured. You can feel calm knowing you are in a safe place. Additionally, regular cleaning and maintenance of the apartments at the highest level guarantee cleanliness and hygiene.


Square Apartments Gdynia is an ideal solution for those who are looking for a comfortable, modern apartment for rent in the very center of Gdynia. Flexible rental conditions, apartments with kitchenettes and luxurious interiors make each stay unique. Don't be bound by a long-term contract - choose Square Apartments Gdynia and enjoy freedom and comfort on your own terms.

Don't wait! Call us today and make an appointment with us for a no-obligation meeting, during which we will show you our unique apartments in the center of Gdynia!

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